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It costs $14.98 to register XLink/Win. You will require aPaypal account and an email address to receive your registration.

Please send an email to for the information you will need.

Information on security and and our privacy policy

Frequently-Asked Questions

How much?
It costs $14.98 to register a new copy of XLink/Win online. There is a reduced price for upgrading from a previous version of XLink/Win or CASIF/Win (see Upgrades). You do not not need to purchase any other download insurance or backup services, as your purchase already includes these services from IMSL Software.

How do I pay?
You can pay online via Paypal.

What do I receive?
You receive a registration number by email along with your order confirmation. The registration number automatically registers the program when you enter it and removes all the demo version restrictions. IMSL Software will send you a follow-up email with information on how to access the additional online resources available only to registered users.

What if I'm ordering as a gift for someone else?
If you want the registration to appear in someone else's name, just specify this option when ordering, or else send an email to IMSL Software after placing your order to request that a different name appear on the registration. If you want to send the recipient an electronic or paper notification of your gift, please let us know.

How long does it take?
Registrations will be processed same day.

Why should I register?
Registration will remove the restrictions and registration reminders from the program. As a registered user you will receive free technical support, and access to free accessory files and utilities and pre-release information from the registered users web site.

Your small registration fee supports our ongoing development and helps to keep the price of the software reasonable. You can try the demo version of the program before you register so that you can be sure that it meets your needs. If you find the program useful, and you want to see it supported and upgraded in future, then please take a few moments to register your copy.

Can I upgrade from an older version?
Product upgrades are free for one year or until the next major release, whichever is later. Any previously registered version of XLink/Win or CASIF/Win can be upgraded at a reduced price. Follow the UPGRADE ordering links below.

If you have any other questions about registration, please don't hesitate to ask IMSL Software.

Statistics: where registrations come from, and what organizer models people are using.

Register Online

XLink/Win can be registered online with Paypal. The registration fee is $14.98 for new users, or $9.98 for upgrades (U.S. dollars).

If you want to register an older version of CASIF/Win, just register XLink/Win and add a note that you want a registration number for CASIF/Win.

If you want to pay IMSL Software directly via Paypal, please send an email to for the information you will need.

Help with Registration

Registration number doesn't work
Make sure that you are entering your name exactly as shown in the registration. Check that you have the latest version of XLink/Win. Make sure that you are not trying to use a registration number for the 16-bit version of XLink/Win with the 32-bit version or vice-versa. See the Technical Support page for more information.

Privacy and Security

Privacy Policy: IMSL Software does not receive or store any credit card information. Your basic registration information is stored for future reference in case you ever lose it and need a copy, or in case you want to upgrade. Any information you may provide is used solely by IMSL Software to assist you, and is never published or disclosed to other parties except as part of an anonymous statistical aggregate. IMSL Software will not send you any unsolicited email or share your email address with other parties.

Where do registrations come from?

What organizer models do XLink/Win users have?