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Updated Feb 10, 2012

Casio Contacts

Casio web site www.casio.com
(the web site structure changes too frequently to link directly to individual pages - select Support for technical support, or select Casio World to find the rep nearest to you)

Casio actively removes information on any products that they are not currently shipping, so don't expect to find much support for Digital Diaries on their web site. You might find more on some of the International sites like Casio UK.

Casio USA Technical Support
Casio USA Customer Service
570 Mt. Pleasant Ave
P.O. Box 7000, Dover, NJ 07801


Closest Service Center
Instruction Manuals

800-428-7267 (Howard Sam -may be outdated)

800-272-0272, 800-633-0633, 800-421-5080, 800-418-2345

800-431-1332, 800-345-0537, 800-942-1944, 800-272-0272

Casio Canada Ltd
100 Commerce Valley Drive East
Thornhill, Ontario L3T 7R1
Tel: (905) 882-0700
Fax: (905) 882-6608

Support 800-370-9083 ext. 242
Manuals: 800-661-2274 ext. 235

Please contact IMSL Software if your problem is related to XLink/Win or CASIF/Win. But please DON'T contact IMSL software if your problem is that you want Casio to send you a replacement manual/software/diary/whatever. We will answer questions related to Casio's products if possible, but we can't ship you any replacement Casio products.

For suggestions on where to send your diary for repair, check Casio's Support web page at www.casio.com, or contact Casio Tech Support by telephone - they can provide the most up-to-date list of authorized repair centers.

You can also get a replacement for a broken screen from Global Products or EAI (below)


Casio Japan has published some of their SF Digital Diary manuals online at http://world.casio.com/sf/download/en/manual/ .

You can also try the Casio support web sites for other countries, as they sometimes keep manuals around that Casio Japan has deleted. You may have to look around the site a little, as sometimes the technical support pages are not linked to the public pages. For example see: http://www.casionz.co.nz/Site/Pronto/Files/user_manuals/sf4000%20USER%20MANUAl.pdf (substituting some other model numbers like SF4600B also works with this site).

http://www.usersmanualguide.com/casio/pocket_viewers has manuals posted for many old and new Casio Digital Diary models (thanks to Matt W. Ammons for the link), but one of the sites they link to at Casio has gone offline, so some of the links don't work.

IMSL Software has created downloadable generic user manual for all Casio diary models. This brief manual attempts to cover all models and major features in one document, so it doesn't go into a lot of step-by-step detail, but it does cover all the basics for all common models. The manual is a Word document in Zip-compressed format, so you must have an unzip utility like WinZip installed to open it.

To order a new original manual from Casio in the USA or Canada for any Digital Diary model, try the contact numbers listed immediately above under Casio Contacts.


Other countries: policies on availability of manuals in different languages vary, so you must contact your local Casio distributor for information. If you go to www.casio.com and click on Casio World, you can find the name of a Casio distributor in your area.

Other sites with Casio-related files and links
Links cleaned Feb 2012

Old Organizers Collection - Photos and specifications, hundreds of models from Casio, Sharp and others (France)

Casio Diaries - Very extensive collection of photos and specifications of Casio diaries (also based in France)

History of Organizers - THE EVOLUTION OF THE PDA 1975-1995 by Evan Koblentz

Larry Berg, Purple Computing web page - mail order cables, based in Oregon USA

Antonio Ramos' web page (PortuguÍs) - mail order cables and Casio diary information, based in Brazil

Util'Pocket web page (Francais) - mail order cables, based in France

Gareth Blades Casio web page (UK) - best for build-your-own cable instructions

Igor Makarov's web page (Russian) - mail order cables, based in Russia

Casio Link web page (Czech) - cable information, based in Czech Republic


In general the Casio Digital Diaries are not covered extensively by any particular Usenet news group, but the following is probably the best: comp.sys.palmtops

A better strategy is to search the Google News Usenet archives using the search term "Casio diary" or your particular Casio model number. This will find all messages in all newsgroupgs related to your topic, and allow you to follow up or send an email reply.


Compuserve at one time had a Casio section in the PALMTOP B forum on Compuserve which was a good source of information and software for the Casio BOSS palmtops, but Casio dropped their support for it in favor of Internet support. Compuserve still have a library section with some Casio-related files (GO PALMB). AOL also have a few library files, but no organized support.

Message Board

Try the Message Board maintained by IMSL Software if you are looking for general help from other users, or you want to buy or sell something.

Other Companies supplying Casio diary software

Casio currently supplies the FA-128 cable and software package for backing up Casio digital diary data. Their older versions FA-100, FA-120, FA-126, FA-127 may still be available in some countries, but the old versions do not support the latest diary models.

Companion Link Inc. - Windows Link, formerly Polaris Windows Link, also FA-126

Travelling Software Tech Support - PCLink for DOS, also FA-120; tech support only, Travelling Software have changed their name to LapLink Inc, and the old PCLink product is no longer sold or updated

Lucid Corp - company that sold Lucid 3D spreadsheet software, once had a downloadable demo version available, now seem to be just a redirection site (beware! they'll try to hijack your browser search page)

Yellow Computing - DataLink DOS, SF-Interface Windows

IntelliLink Tech Support - now Puma Technology (owned by Palm), support for old Casio versions

Software for other platforms

DOS software: There is an old version of CASIF for DOS which supports older SF models only. Request if from IMSL Software if you need it. There are a few other old DOS packages around as well, but generally in the same category as the CASIF software.

Mac software: CasioTalk is a Macintosh application that allows for transfer of data between any Macintosh computer and a Casio BOSS digital diary, but it hasn't been recently updated and does not support the latest models. See CasioTalk 2.0.5 (location last updated Apr 2004). Contains documentation and specifications for building a hardware interface. System 7 aware. Was shareware, now freeware. Windows Link (now CompanionLink) also developed a product for linking a Casio diary to a Mac, but they don't mention it on their web site, so it may never have gotten out of beta test. Or you can run XLink/Win on a Mac under a Windows emulator such as Softwin or VirtualPC.

Unix software: Linux, SunOS & Solaris software: casio-2.0.1.tgz (location verified Apr 2004 - you might have to do an Internet search for it, but it is updated regularly). Or you can run XLink/Win on Unix under the Wine Windows emulator.

Amiga software: This program is for communicating between the Casio digital Diary SF-4300, SF-4600 and the Amiga: Casio.com - Amiga program by Steven Ross (location verified Apr 2004)

Companies supplying Casio diaries and accessories online

You can order accessories for Casio Digital Diaries from:

Global Products Inc
2221 Hammond Drive
Schaumburg, IL 60173
800-633-0633 or 847-397-4944 (IL) Nationwide
Fax: 847-397-7114


EAI (Eric Armin Inc.)
P.O. Box 644
Franklin Lakes, NJ 07417 (NY)
800-272-0272 or 201-891-9466 (NJ)
Fax: 201-891-5689

Casio Calculators

Casio programmable calculators use the same cable as the Casio electronic diaries, but a different communications protocol. There are many sources of information and programs for Casio calculators on the web, but they change frequently. You can try the following links, but if they are out of date, try a search for "Casio Calculator" on any Internet search engine.

Casio Corner - cable diagrams and other information related to Casio calculators

http://www.worldlib.org/Business/Personal-Finance/casio-calculator-software.php - commercial software

Casio QV Cameras

Casio QV digital cameras also use the same cable as the Casio electronic diaries, but a different communications protocol. The protocol itself is available from unofficial sources on the web, but the proprietary CAM/YCC format used by all the QV cameras is an obscure variant of JPEG and is not well documented. Fortunately there are various shareware programs available which support this format. Try QV-Autocam.

IMSL Software's shareware photo album program Zeus can be used with photos from any source, but it does not support the Casio QV camera communications protocol.

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