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You can download XLink/Win from this page. XLink/Win version 2.86 is the current released version of the program. It supports a wide variety of Casio and Sharp electronic organizers and a few Radio Shack and Oregon Scientific models. Version 2.86 is recommended for Windows 7/8/10, WinXP, and Vista.

Download XLink/Win version 2.86: xlw3228.exe (4.2 Mbytes) Updated June 12, 2017 What's New in 2.8

The demo version is free to try. You can use it to backup and restore your organizer contents, and to experiment with the more advanced functions on a limited basis. If you want to continue using the program and have full use of the advanced functions, you are requested to register. Registration is quick, simple, and inexpensive (just $14.98 to register online) - follow the link Register!

In the demo version of XLink/Win all records after the first 20 of each data type are translated with the words "Registration required" in place of the contents when converted to or from text format. You can test all of the program functions and features, and you can use it to do a complete backup/restore of your binary data, but you will have to register to remove this restriction. Some optional components such as the Form Layout Editor and additional character sets are only available after you register.

Download XLink/Win 2.7b 16-bit version: xlw1627.exe (1.1 Mbyte) Updated Mar 3, 2007 (for Win3x, OS2 and some Windows emulators)

Optional native-mode field layout for Sharp OZ models: (updated for version 2.8)

Optional native-mode field layout for Sharp YO/ZQ-270/290 and EL-6990 models: (updated for version 2.8)

Example SCH file of statutory holidays: USA , Canada

Other Languages

Português: O programa XLink/Win 16-bit ou 32-bit esta disponivel em português. Os usários registrados podem pedir o enderço para baixar de

German: Translation spreadsheet for program messages and controls: XlinkwEnglish2German.xls

Optional External Database Support for 16-bit Version

XLink/Win 16-bit version (and CASIF/Win) are distributed without the optional external database access libraries in order to reduce the package size. If you wish to add external database support support to the 16-bit version for database formats such as dBase III/IV, Microsoft Access V2.0 or earlier, or Paradox v3.5 or earlier, you can download CASIFWEX.ZIP (500 Kbytes). See the the XLink/Win or CASIF/Win Help file under External Databases for more information.

If you already have Microsoft Access V2.0 or later, you can download just the files needed to use the 16-bit version with Access V2.0 tables: MS Access 2.0 compatibility files (50K)

If you need support for Access 95/97 or later, dBase V, Paradox 4 or later, ODBC32, or other recent database formats, you must download the larger 32-bit version of XLink/Win. The 32-bit version runs only on Win9x/NT/2K/XP.

Support for Russian and Czech Character Sets

XLink/Win supports the Casio models with Russian and Czech characer sets (model numbers ending in R or RS or Z), but to view and edit the data in Windows you also need the corresponding character set translation files. These are available to registered users from the registered users web page.

Form Layout Editor

The optional Form Layout Editor for XLink/Win  is available only to registered users, and can be downloaded from the registered users web page.

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